Yahia El-Shall is my name

Hello world. If you’ve searched my name “Yahia El-Shall” or other variations, in Google, Bing, or Yahoo, you’ve probably come across one major, horribly negative event in my past. On June 24th, 2006, at the age of 24, I was arrested in a sex sting operation in Polk County, Florida. A federal officer, posing as a minor, entered into an adult chat room and made “herself available.” Depressed from the ending of my wedding engagement just days before, I entered the chatroom and flirted with the officer. I suspected that I was not talking to a minor, but to an adult, being I was in an adult chat room. But I should have stopped. In the end, I agreed to meet this person and was arrested for soliciting a minor for sex. I never sent a lewd image, nor did I have any lewd images of minors, or myself,  on the computer they confiscated.  I pled guilty and accepted responsibility for my actions. Well, that was more than 5 years ago from the writing of this post. And I am still sorry for it and take responsibility for it. I am grateful that the person who pretended to be a teenager was actually an adult. This statement doesn’t make me any less culpable. It’s merely a clarification of what actually occurred (a dragnet). The purpose of this blog is not to dwell on that one action of my life. God knows that the world wide web makes sure to dwell on it. The purpose of this blog is to simply write about the other Yahia El-Shall that is not expressed by a mugshot, a SO registry entry, or an old news article. I’ve done a lot of good things in my life and intend to continue that route. The purpose of this blog is to reclaim me, for me. The Yahia El-Shall that I know. The internet has left little to privacy. I’ve tried to be private and just move forward with my life.  But one past action continues to ruin my experience of the present. I am partly to blame for that because I cannot rise above how I feel that my life will never be like it was. So, I’ve decided to just let go and write. This blog is a self-healing tool.  If anyone stumbles upon it and gains anything from it, well then that is a nice bonus. You will also find random posts from recipes, to news, to articles that interest me. And frankly, it is an SEO reputation technique that I use to rebuild my shattered reputation. Yahia Hassan El-Shall


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