The Reality of Patience

This is the first post about some thoughts on the virtues of patience and gratitude and how possessing these virtues can keep us content. My thoughts are included with content from a 13th century scholar who wrote a work on the subject. At the end of the series, I will post his name.

The best of life is attained with patience, and the highest position is attained with gratitude.

What is patience?

Patience is a faculty of the intellect and a virtue that allows us to restrain ourselves from doing something rash that may cause harm to one’s self and others, typically when facing affliction.
The reality of patience

Every person has two compulsions: driving and restraining. The driving compulsion pushes him towards what benefits him and the other, holds him back from harm.

When people take their wedding vows, and they vow to be there for each other in “good times, and in bad”; this is what is meant by having patience. Keeping content in times of prosperity as well as adversity. It doesn’t mean that your emotions cannot change with the changing of fortunes, but that you can control how you react to that change.

To have patience is also to have the ability to control one’s whims and desires. This ability is not honed by always giving in to your inner desire, but exercising self-control with the innate power of the mind.


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