The Patient Path to Internal Peace

When one faces difficulties in life, the individual has the choice to be patient or to panic. Those who understand the value of patience will not allow panic to set in. Panic is derived from a fear of loss and is almost exclusively irrational. Think of someone who has lost his life savings. If he panics and decides that he’s got to remedy the situation by any means necessary, he could be lead by his panic to do something unethical or illegal; bringing harm to himself and to others. yet he if he is patient with his situation and is content that the money is now gone, he will 1) be content with the situation 2) have the rational fortitude to figure out what went wrong, 3) not repeat the mistake, and 4) forge a reasonable path to recovery.  

If someone’s difficulties are not brought upon by their own hands, there is still wisdom in being patient as panic will not bring back what they have lost. 

Patience is your heart’s armor. It protects you from the arrows of whims and the panic brought on by difficulty. 

People who allow their lusts and whims to become stronger than their ability to be content will find themselves chasing promises of quick gratification resulting in one never being satisfied. Where is the value in that? 


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