Eternity – Yahia El-Shall

Yahia Elshall bliss

Today’s world is a space of impersonality; one soul after the other walk similar paths of existence. We all want the same things, love, security, success, and with these, happiness. Today, the size of a paycheck has replaced each of these for most people and then these characteristics are derived from the paycheck. Or so we think. Money, money, money. Money rules all. And the soul dies a bit more each day as we chase it. Some people’s soul’s die while their bodies are still alive. And then our bodies die. And then what follows? Eternity. How does one measure eternity, the immeasurable? Everything we know has an end. We try to measure everything to know its end. And we have an end, for this existence. We die. So eternity, this baffling concept, it does not end. What are you going to do for an eternity? Will you be doing the things that made you happy in life, if they really made you happy? Did you find out what that was?

Our minds do not have the capability to handle this concept of eternity. But our hearts do. Because when you are truly happy and at peace, you let go of time and space, and you are in that moment. It ends because we are in a space that has an end. Do things in life that keep your heart at peace and you can have eternity.

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